Rotating Content Tool

How This Tool Works

What the Tool does. The Rotating Content Tool is a web-based tool that automatically completes the following tasks for you:

  • Table creation. The Tool creates a blank HTML table based on your specifications so that you can easily enter random content or date-based content into the table. You tell the Tool what kind of table you want, and it then automatically generates that table in the form of an HTML file which you can download and save to your computer.
  • Script creation. After you have added content to your HTML table, you then upload the HTML file to the Tool, which converts the HTML information into a Javascript or PHP script, based on the information contained in the table.

How the Javascript works. The Javascript which is created by the Tool is called a "client-side" script, which means that it is run inside a web browser. You add the Javascript to your webpage, and when someone looks at your webpage, they also have access to the script that you included in the page. The browser runs the script and displays the results in the browser window. If someone is unable to view your content, this could be because they have disabled the Javascript option in their browser.

How the PHP script works. A PHP script, unlike a Javascript, is "server-side" script. That means the PHP script runs on your server, and then sends the results, in the form of a webpage, to the browser. You can also use PHP scripts if the server you use to host your webpages allows you to run PHP scripts. If you are not sure about the answer to that question, you will probably want to choose the Javascript option when you use the Rotating Content Tool!