Rotating Content Tool

Select Content Type (step 1 of 5)

  • Fixed-Date Content (based on day and year)
  • Perpetual Content (without year)
  • Randomized Content
  • Progress Meter

Description of Content Types

Fixed-Date Content (based on day and year)

The Fixed-Date Content option allows you to provide a date for each piece of content. The script will automatically display the content for the current date. (The date includes a year. If you have content that you will be using from one year to another, you should choose the Perpetual Content option.)

Perpetual Content (without year)

The Perpetual Date-Based Content option allows you to reuse your content over time. This is a good option if you want to create a Content Calendar that you will be using from year to year! In addition, you choose to randomize any of the date-based content so that the same content is available in both Date-Based format and in Random format, if you choose.

Randomized Content

The Randomized Content means that a different piece of content will appear randomly whenever the page is refreshed, totally regardless of date.

Progress Meter

The Progress Meter option generates a series of progress meter images that are spread out based on the date range you specify. You can create a progress meter that covers any date range. For example, here is a progress meter showing how much of this year has passed.

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